About Project GROW

About this Initiative
On June 14, 2012, the U.S. Labor Department awarded nearly $147 million in Workforce Innovation Fund grants to 26 grantees nationwide; these grants will support, enhance, and evaluate innovative employment and training opportunities.

Changing Lives from Brownsville to El Paso, TX
Workforce Solutions, one of the 26 grantees, was the sole recipient in the state of Texas. With a grant allocation of $5.9 million Workforce Solutions, along with the four workforce development boards located along the Texas/Mexico border, will assist and serve the &ldquohardest to serve&rdquo border residents who often lack basic education attainment and English proficiency.

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Called Growing Regional Opportunities for the Workforce, or GROW, the three-year project will increase skills training and English literacy for eligible participants who live along the border. Project GROW was one of 26 grantees selected from more than 5,000 applicants nationwide for the Workforce Innovation Fund, a Labor Department grant pool created to test innovative approaches to workforce training.

Through Project GROW, the border&rsquos five workforce boards will partner with regional employers, community colleges, and training providers to accelerate credential attainment and career entry by lower-skilled adults. Project GROW will assist participants from the start of the program until the end with everything from career counselors who guide their progress to support services, such as childcare and tuition assistance. The project is designed to take underprepared adults and segment them based on particular needs and career goals.

While a lot more work remains to be completed in the coming months before Project GROW is implemented, the five workforce boards are actively working to make it happen.

In the interim, we encourage you to continue to monitor this page for updates and contact your local Workforce Solutions Career Center to learn of other current opportunities and services. To locate the Workforce Solutions Career Center nearest to you, click here.